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The best decisions flow from the right planning.

  • What will a successfully completed playground project look like?
  • What playgrounds, if any, appeal to you or were recommended? What playground features do you want to include? What features do you want to exclude?
  • What site amenities, swings, or independent play elements do you want included? Shade? Shelter?
  • How many children on the structure at one time?
  • What is the age range of the children?
  • What are the dimensions of the available space?
  • What is your budget? How do you plan to finance the project?
  • What type of safety surfacing are you considering?
  • Where will the play structure be located? What site preparation requirements will be needed?
  • What is the project time line?

Our design team takes this information to create your play area option.

  • Is there a theme?
  • What features do you want to include? Stand-alone slide, balance beam, activity panels?
  • What outdoor elements do you want to include? Shades, shelters, benches, tables, grills, etc.
  • Which type of safety surfacing do you want?
  • What is the funding source? Do they require any elements to be incorporated into the design?

The presentation of the playground can be just as important as the product itself.

We will do what it takes for you to have the product you want based upon the project parameters and your desires. Once the product(s) are chosen, pricing finalized and a timeline verified, we are ready to finalize the project with vendors.

  • Which individuals or groups weigh-in on the decision?
  • Who is the ultimate decision maker?
  • What collateral (posters, presentation, warranty info, etc.) will you need to effectively promote the playground?

Once the design is approved, out team will ensure the play structure is ordered, shipped and installed in a timely manner.

Our promise to is our excellent turnkey service. Design; pricing; working with vendors; ordering products and materials; coordinating and overseeing installation and final inspection.

  • By what date do you want the playground?
  • What other products need to be ordered ahead of time?
  • What site preparation work needs to be completed while the product is being ordered?

Our playground representative will serve as liaison between the vendors, installers and community leaders to ensure a seamless and timely installation.

  • Who needs to be contacted for access to the site?
  • What other amenities need to be installed prior to the playground? After the playground?

Our CPSI-certified representative will inspect the playground making sure that it meets industry safety standards and the cleanup of the area exceeds our customers’ expectations.

At this point, all manuals, including the installation manual, warranty information, and Atlantic Coast Playground’s contact information will be given to the customer for their referral, if needed, at a later date.
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Weather and use will impact your product’s durability.

Rust, cracking plastics and safety surface decomposition are a few of the common maintenance issues. Routine inspections, protects children from unforeseen dangers and the owner from potential liabilities. Maintenance should be a routine part of an overall safety program.
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