Playground Planning Services

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Atlantic Coast Playgrounds | Design Services
Our playground planning services create a safe, challenging and fun space for your children. A successful playground should provide for health and developmental learning, as well as challenge various ability levels. With the right planning, your playground can exceed your goals while supporting multiple ability levels including ADA-accessibility.

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Atlantic Coast Playgrounds | Installation Services
Financing your purchase can be a good option for you. Financing gives you greater options and more time to pay for your purchase. It gives you the benefit of utilizing your play area from the beginning while paying for it in monthly installments. Through a lease payment plan, you can bundle your playground and amenities into a multi-year payment plan.

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Atlantic Coast Playgrounds | Installation Services
Our team installs our products ready for use, which can include site grading and preparation, equipment installation, safety surfacing and other site amenities. If other parts are requested, such as fencing, shades or a shelter we can coordinate the installation around the playground project.

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Atlantic Coast Playgrounds | Safety Inspection Services
Safety Inspection
Certified through the National Parks and Recreation Association (NRPA) as Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI).

Inspectors analyze, design, layout and planning concerns, identify playground hazards and create a Repair and Maintenance Priority Plan. In addition, our inspectors can create a playground safety program incorporating playground maintenance plans, risk assessment and management evaluations, scheduled inspections, safety awareness seminars and maintenance documentation.

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Atlantic Coast Playgrounds | Maintenance Services
The best maintenance plan protects your investments and includes a responsible risk assessment and management strategy insuring the maximum play experience for children. Proper maintenance, which includes routine inspections, protects children from unforeseen dangers and the owner from potential liabilities. In addition, our thorough maintenance planning will focus on compliance with current national safety standards, including all CPSC and ASTM guidelines.

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